Friday, April 8, 2016

Music Kagan Quiz Quiz Trade

Okay, so maybe I fall back on Quiz Quiz Trade a lot when I do Kagan activities in my room. . . I know I posted a Round Robin activity earlier, but when push comes to shove in my room and the powers that be want to see Kagan, I use Quiz Quiz Trade.  A. Lot.  A couple of things I have used are now on my TPT page (free as always).

The first one is my Cats in Clothes Music Go Fish Cards.  Super cute and super fun.  I originally made these for music centers.  I printed four sets and the kids play Go Fish Like normal, only they have to say the rhythm on the card before they can take a card from someone else.  In a pinch, though, they have been great for Quiz Quiz Trade and even Round Robin.  Here's my 3rd grade kiddos using them with Quiz Quiz Trade.

The kids love the colorful dogs and cats and get excited when they trade and get a new one.  It's loads of fun. The cards were made with permission using Heather Mattoon's Cats in Clothes art.  You may download a pdf version using this link:

I uploaded a couple of new things onto my TPT page, so check them out.

The Quiz Quiz Trade activity I did this week with phenomenal success wasn't even my creation, but I'm adding it here because I used in the Kagan structure of Quiz Quiz Trade and it was a hoot and a half.

I put a picture of all the movements on the board and we talked about each one.  I then gave each student a cut out and laminated individual circle.

I got the images for free from Susan Fitch Design.  The kids had to hide their cards from their partners and do the action, making their partner guess what it was they were trying to do.  I did leave the images on the screen so that the kids could reference.  Lots of fun, lots of giggles.  All grade levels loved doing this one and since Kagan is used so much in my school, I was able to do it K-5 with little instruction.  Even hard to impress 5th graders were chatting about the ones they got to do and lamenting about the ones they didn't get to do.  

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