Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Carol Trivia

Merry Christmas!

Okay, I just spent WAYYYY too much time making my first upload to Teachers Pay Teachers.  I had a lot of back and forth on this one.  I don't want people to have to pay for things I create for my classroom.  Yes, I get why that would be appealing and on my budget, very helpful, but I like free things, so I'm going to give my stuff away.  Yay.  The way I see it, I snatch a lot of my images from the web and most of my ideas are stolen, so I don't feel comfortable taking money for the bulk of what I do, so, there.  All that said, I finally used my TPT and uploaded this worksheet.  I'm bummed that TPT doesn't have a thumbnail photo for it (yet?), but here's what it looks like:

Well, that's half of it, anyway.  Basically, you match the picture to the song title. This is older than the hills.  I remember doing this activity (or a version of this activity) when I was in elementary school.  If you want a complete history of this project including different versions, click here.  This guy is extensive!  He's got several versions, and was my source for the pictures I chose for my worksheet.   I did use this version yesterday, but I like mine a bit better.

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