Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boomwhackers and the 5th Grade

My 5th graders are playing with the Boomwhackers this week!  Here is the lesson in PowerPoint*:

 We started with a review of boomwhackers using this guy's video:

Then we reviewed the Boomwhacker colors and their relation to the pitch and solfege syllables.

Then we did a review of the Music K-8 "Whacky Do Re Mi" vol 11.1.  The kids did it for their program last year, so we didn't spend much time on it.  If you click on the picture, it should link you to the youtube video.

This is a side note:  The official Music K-8 "Whacky Do Re Mi" video is available on youtube, as well. It's pretty cute.

The kids had a chance to use the boomwhackers as accompaniment, so I gave them an opportunity to play the melody with this slide. . . 

Next we reviewed chords.  Again, we've been working on chords for over a year now, so these slides proved to be a great visual to reinforce what the kids (should) already know.

All of this chord review was in preparation for the song "We've Got the Music" from the Australian 'Music: Count Us In' project.  If you haven't heard of it, click on the link and check it out.  It's pretty cool. "We've Got the Music" is from 2011, I think, and because the nature of the project, there are tons of resources all over the net including multiple youtube videos and music/chord sheets.  Again, the image below should link you to youtube.  I use this video when we are playing with boomwhackers. The song cuts off early at the end, but it works for practice.  Again, search youtube for other recordings. There is even a performance version with no vocals!

Well, that took up a whole 45 minute class period, and the kids had a ton of fun doing it.  Hope this gives you some ideas!

*If you would like me to email this PowerPoint to you, please leave your email address in the comments section below.