Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Rant About Teachers Pay Teachers

Okay, I would like to say first that I really am torn about this issue.  I like to create powerpoints and worksheets and smart board activities for my classroom that take HOURS.  It would be great to post them on TPT and get some money back for all that extra time I spend.  However,  I am a teacher and therefore, I am dirt poor.  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.  Let's say I'm linoleum poor.  My husband and I still rent our place, we drive two used (if not reliable) cars, and my obsession is going to garage sales to find as much as I can for under $20 every other Saturday.  I have been the "I can't afford luxuries like cheese" poor and that's not where we are now, but I don't have the money to go on to Teachers Pay Teachers and buy things.  I think that's the great problem.  We need money because we are poor, but we can't afford to buy documents on TPT because we are POOR.

So, I have a new principle.  I will not purchase items on TPT as a rule.  I don't know, there may be that ONE THING out there that I can't live without that I find worth the $3-$6 that a teacher charges.  But I will make a pact with myself and anyone on this world wide web that may be reading my teacher blog:  I will never charge for a powerpoint or idea or computer made document so long as I live.  I believe in freely sharing my work.  Note, I will not take credit for anyone else's work, and I will not purchase someone else's work and post it on here for free.  If I have a weak moment and purchase someone else's document on TPT, I will attach a link for others to purchase.  It's only fair.  My stuff, however, will always be free.

That's how I feel today, though.  I'll let you know if that ever changes :)


I found the most beautiful Music Carpet in the world.  Music teachers, be ready to wipe the drool off your chins. . . .

Gorgeous.  One day, it will be mine. . . . . 

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