Friday, September 27, 2013

Centers! Centers! (In my head it sounds like "Sol, Re, Mi, low Ti")

Maybe I had to open Virtual Piano to figure that out, and maybe I did not. . . .

We did CENTERS today!!! YAYYYYYY!!! I have been concerned that I would shelve the Centers idea and never get to it, so although I was a bit under prepared, I decided that this week, we were going to do CENTERS, DARN IT!!  Class pictured below was my 5th grade class.  They were able to do this themselves without me guiding them through each step.  Notice I did not take pictures of 3rd grade. . . .

First up was Rhythm Bowling.  I had strips of red tape under each pin that I drew a note on.  Students scored according to the note value on the bottom of each pin.

Rhythm Jenga!  Broader explanation here.

I got this basketball game at a garage sale, never been opened, for $7.50 this summer.  3rd grade later broke one of the legs, so . . . that was fun.  I had some ideas on how to make it musical, but for today, I allowed the kids to have one non-music station.  I have high hopes that my husband will be able to fix it for me, so next time it will be musical!!!

I mentioned not too long ago that I wanted to have a boomwhackers center.  Well, I didn't make those little cards in time, so I had the kids write out their compositions on a white board.  This one needs more work.  

My Music Note Matching Game!  I posted this on Promethean Planet, but I can't find it when I search for it yet, so I can't link it.  I'm thinking maybe it has to be approved first?  I got the idea from Notable Music Studio (check her out!  She has TONS of free amazing printables).  I made little cut out cars with notes on them and everything, and to show the kids how to play the game, I threw this together on the Promethean Active Inspire software.  Then I went back and made it look nice.  Then I went back and made a Super Mario Bros. version.  I'll link them to Promethean Planet if I ever find them on there.

Kids playing the Musical Dominoes correctly!!!!  I had no idea that dominoes would be so confusing for them. . . 

5th Grade was AMAZING with the centers.  I was sad to see 3rd grade not thrive as well.   I have to remember that they are still leftover 2nd graders and need more practice working in small groups.  I look forward to doing centers again in the future.  My principal gave me a rubric for my centers and I graded pretty low, which is okay because I have plenty of time to get better.  I need to sit down and make a workstation management board for each center.  I had that on my 'to do' list, but I knew that would take a long time and I wanted to get the kids used to centers NOW.  We had fun :)  We are going to prevail!

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