Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rhythm Jenga

Last year, I found a link to a Musical Jenga game that I thought was Awesome, so I kept my eyes open and acquired a Jenga set from a friend for FREE.  I created the game you see pictured above, but I don't remember what my thought process was, and since I didn't start musical centers last year, I haven't had a chance to have the kids play it.  Fast forward to this year.  I have purchased some kick butt games and activities (all garage sales, discount stores, and thrift shops, of course) and now I can't wait to add this game to the mix.

I did mine a little differently from the other sites I've seen (links added below).  I drew notes on each block (same rhythm on all sides of each block) of different values ranging from 1-4.  I added a regular number die to the mix and now here's how you play.  Roll the die, whatever number you land on is the number of beats you have to remove from the Jenga tower.  Example: if you roll a 3, you can pull out a block with three beats written on it, or you can do a combination, i.e. a block with two quarter notes and a block with two eighth notes.

In looking at the other sites, I haven't found anyone else who does Rhythm Jenga like this.  The people I have linked below have suggested writing musical symbols each block.  Students pull out a block and then identify the symbol.  If they are wrong, they have to pull another block.  This method allows you to write different symbols in varying colors on each block according to learning level, so your lower level learners would only identify the symbols written in blue, low-medium would only answer green, medium-high red, and high would be black.

Really, there are several ideas that can be drawn from this game.  You could even write the music symbols in different colors, but use blue=note value, green=notes on the treble clef, red=music symbol identification, black= . . .(I'm blanking on this).  Then you use a die with the colors on each side and two "you choose" sides.  Roll the die and pull out a block, answer the question according to color you rolled or (if the die lands on "you choose" choose the one you want to answer.  I don't know, the possibilities are endless.

Simple Jenga rules I forgot about:

  1. You only get to remove each block with one hand
  2. Place the discarded block on top of the tower
  3. If you start to move a block and change your mind, you must put the block back where it was.
  4. If tower falls on your turn, you lose and the person who had a turn before you is the winner.

Other sites featuring Variations of a musical themed Jenga:

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