Thursday, August 8, 2013

Music Centers!!!

So, I don't know if I've mentioned how psyched I am about music class centers this year, but it seems I can't think about anything else regarding classroom these days.  Here are some thrift store/garage sale purchases I made this summer.

Noodleboro is a game I picked up at a thrift store for $1.50.  Originally, it was a game about manners and matching cardboard disks to their corresponding shapes and colors. . . blah blah blah.  I used Avery 2" round labels to cover the previous pictures and I now have a "Go Fish" type of game with music instrument families.  The idea is that four players sit around the board, each side of the board representing a different musical instrument family.  Player 1 draws a disc from the picnic basket and if it matches their instrument family, they place it on the corresponding shape.  If it does not, Player 1 places the disc face up in the middle of the board.  Player 2 then has the option of either taking the discarded disc or choosing another from the picnic basket.  There is a slight twist with the 'ant disc' that automatically goes in the middle of the board and is sort of like a "lose your turn".  First player to fill up their side wins.

Idea #2 came from Notable Music Studio.  Musical Dominoes!  She got the idea from the actual musical dominoes or "Dominotes" that you can buy for $35 from Music in Motion.  I do not have $35 to spend on one activity with tiny pieces that are easily lost or stolen.  I do, however, have $0.25 for foam scraps from a garage sale.  They were all the same size, and per Sheryl Welles's  suggestion, I trimmed them down so that each side was square.

This image is what I used as a template.  I just sat down and figured out what notes I wanted to use for each number.  I left the blank squares blank, and for the squares with 1 dot, I alternated quarter notes and 2 eighth notes.  The squares with 2 dots were half notes, two quarters, or four eighth, and so on with each value.  I decided for the squares with 5 and 6 dots, I would use the treble and bass clef signs just because I felt the notes were getting crowded as it is.  AS ALWAYS, I FORGOT ABOUT RESTS, but I figure they can be added in later.

One concern I did have when I laid them out for the picture was that I might run out of space for centers, but I'll just cross that bridge when we get there.

I got High School Musical 2 Twister Moves from the Goodwill half off, so I think I paid $1.  It's similar to Twister, but the kids put in a CD and do dance moves.  Honestly, I haven't really pulled it out and played it yet, so I know very little about it.  I do know that I didn't like how slippery the mats looked, and it only came with 2 for 2 players.

Imagine my joy, then when I found the original Twister Moves at a garage sale.  I could only talk him down to $3, but this one comes with 4 sticky mats that make me less worried.  I ended up just putting the HSM2 CD in the box with the original game.  That way, the kids have some variety.


There are plenty more centers in the works!  I will post more of them later.

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