Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rhythm Jenga In Class

I introduced Rhythm Jenga today with overwhelmingly positive reviews.  I don't know why I never thought to do this last year, but I had the kids get into a big circle with the Jenga game in the middle.  The kids took turns down the line and I helped them remember note values while their classmates said "I see a quarter note!  I see a half note!".

I liked how I was able to walk them through the process.  "Okay, he rolled a 6.  What note could he pull out first? Now that he's pulled out a whole note, how many beats does he have left?"  And so on. . .

I never realized how engaged the WHOLE CLASS would be.  I might use this as an overall class activity in the future as well as using it in my centers.
I did notice that none of my kids chose multiple note bricks (well, they did use one brick with 2 quarter notes).  I think the more they play this, the more confident they will be to use the more complex bricks.

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